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More! Cannes critics have spoken. THE ROVER is “hypnotic,” “remarkable,” “exquisite,” “a masterpiece.”

"The movie is dirty,and the gorgeous photography by Natasha Braier accentuates the feeling of a rotten world, and surprises in the way violence creeps in, suddenly and coldly, but also thanks to Robert Pattinson’s performance.

The actor has already proved, mainly with Cronenberg, all his potential, but here he gives a fantastic performance in the complex role of a simple-minded but not dumb, worthy of a 4-star Actors Studio actor and it places him as one of the most amazing actors of his generation. And if the movie doesn’t try to be pleasant, it is brutal and drastic, and is a joy to watch.  ~Filmosphere France

"Most impressively of all, the director draws a remarkably against-type performance from his Twilight star. Pattinson pulls off nervous twitching, shoddy posture and general writhing to great effect; his character’s a classic fool and he plays it so."        ~ MoviePilot

"The few people who saw Animal Kingdom, David Michôd’s new movie, knew it: here was a future master. The same goes for admirers of Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, who despaired of seeing two excellent actors find parts commensurate to their talent.

Michôd lets Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson act out a wonderful confrontation. The two actors assess and provoke each other in a pathetic dance, from which humanity comes out sullied yet magnified. The film owes much to their performances that never lets the voltage drop, even in the most hellish ride of dreamlike sequences.

Michôd succeeds brilliantly here signing his first masterpiece… The Rover is an absolute shock, a film that carries the high post-apocalyptic trip to unknown heights and passion.”  5 out of 5 stars.      ~ Ecranlarge

 ”There is a huge amount of talent on display in “The Rover”, and the opening ten minutes is as captivating as anything you’re likely to see at the movies this year.”    ~

"Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson shine in The Rover, Australian director David Michod’s long-awaited follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Animal Kingdom.  …a road movie from hell - is enthralling, unrelenting and superbly acted by leads Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.

Former teen heartthrob and Twilight star Pattinson delivers potentially his best performance yet, convincing as the twitchy Rey and evoking empathy in his tortured struggle between family loyalty and resentment at being left for dead.”   ~ Local Today AU

"…this minimalist gem affords a chance to see ex-Twilight star Robert Pattinson at his dramatic best. Pattinson’s Rey… delivers a seriously good performance that will help move him past his vampire trifles. He’s well-paired with the reliable Pearce, who has played desperate men before, but never one of such contained fury."      ~Toronto Star

"When we first see Pattinson, he is covered in dust (as is just everything else in this film) and clutching a gun wound to his gut. His hair has been chopped down to an unglamorous crew cut, and his teeth are those of a lifelong tobacco-spitter. He speaks in a high-pitched Southern drawl, and he’s as twitchy as Pearce is ice-cold and deliberate. In one endearing sequence, Pattinson even busts out a falsetto to sing along to the chorus of Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock.”

And yet, many of the qualities that made Pattinson and international heartthrob remain: the red lips, the expressive brow, the lean physique and ivory skin. Unlike Edward Cullen of Twilight, however, this Pattinson doesn’t brood. Brooding is Pearce’s job in this film, and he takes the responsibility very seriously.”    ~ Vanity Fair

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